Christ our life

The Lord Jesus is our very life,
The Holy Spirit dwells within our spirit to manifest Jesus

To us
In us
Through us

To work out all that is in Him & to reproduce Him in us.

We must remember that there is something in the sight of God
that is higher than work.

There is Christ-likeness.

That is our Father’s purpose,

That is His work


We belong to another sphere altogether.

We have died & our life is “hidden with Christ in God.”

We are like a tree that has its roots in heaven & its branches down here.

No doubt our branches are blown & ripped by the atmosphere here,

but nothing can touch the roots up there.

Planted inside, they flourish outside.


To abide in heaven in the Lord Jesus is our place.

Our faith is exercised here & the suffering here may be prolonged & continued;

but we abide there & while abiding we engage ourselves

with everything connected with our Father & with reference

to the place He has set us in.

In that blessed region where He has placed us,

and where He alone can keep us & where we are simply dependent on Him,

it is His interests alone which engage us & it is that we communicate to others


It is amazing grace to actually comprehend that all that comes into our life

is meant to conform us to the image of God’s Son.

The highest thought which God has about us & that which His heart is set on,

is our union with Christ.

Christ is our life. We seek Him where He sits at God’s right hand

He is our risen man & we’re united to Him.

We set our affections on Him above all others

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