His Comfort

“In the multitude of our thoughts within us Your comforts delight our soul.”

The word for “thoughts” is rendered “doubts” in the margin of the Revised Version.

Another authority suggests the rendering “wandering thoughts.”

The psalmist was troubled by distracting thoughts.

We do not have to go far from our own prayer chambers to realize what

wandering thoughts can do for us. Sometimes we find it almost impossible

to concentrate in prayer, even when we desperately need to pray.

The psalmist found comfort in the fact that God Himself understands & consoles.

That is why in the New Testament we have been given an other Comforter.

He is our Paraclete, the One called alongside to help, the One who,

“helps our infirmities.”

The word used is the same word that Martha used when she asked the

Lord to tell Mary to come & help her in the kitchen.

It was practical, immediate, down-to-earth help she wanted.

That is the kind of help God gives us.

We rest in Him!!!

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