Don’t get sidetracked

Don’t get sidetracked… Proverbs 4.27 (NLT)

Jesus will carry our burdens as we follow Him

In a good life there is a careful foot. We are careful where we put each foot print

Proverbs 4:26–27


He wrote:

Ponder the path of your feet & let all your ways be established


Turn not to the right hand nor to the left


Remove your foot from evil

There are some places to which we should not go

There are some doorways we should never darken.

Look at the steps of Abraham & Lot.

On that eventful day when Abraham suggested to Lot that they part company
because of the squabbling of their herdsmen over available pasture

both men made a choice.

Genesis 13 records their decisions:

Lot … pitched his tent Gen. 13:12

Abram removed his tent” Gen. 13:18

There in a nutshell is the difference between Abraham
(who became the friend of God & the father of all believers)

and Lot
(the great Old Testament prototype of the backslider).

Lot’s feet took him pell-mell down to Sodom, where he lost family, faith & his fortune

He almost lost his soul.

Abraham’s feet took him over the hills & far away.
He couldn’t wait to put distance between himself & the filthy city of the plains.

No one could be in that part of the world for any length of time & not know of
the compromised moral depravity of Sodom’s reputation as the capital of
decadent debauchery in the world.

Abraham didn’t want to be around when God poured out the red-hot lava
of His wrath against that vile lifestyle. We all need to be careful where we
place our feet.

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