Our value

“The person whose biography is not worth writing has never yet been born.”

  • F W Boreham, From his book Wisps of Wildfire, pg. 176

Every individual life is amazing.
The sad issue in social distancing is the spirit of avoidance that is being echoed
We are now walking wide circles around each other
Fortunately God is not a God of social distances.
He is infinitely attractive & He draws us each to Himself
He condescends to us
He embraces us
He bows so low to lift us so high

I met three people yesterday that had amazing & bold compassion for me

A Doctor, a nurse & a X-ray tech who hovered over my sickness & need & pain

They demonstrated incredible tenderness & comfort & concern

The picture Jesus gives of Himself bowing down washing feet
The picture Jesus gives of Himself bowing down praying over us
The picture Jesus gives of Himself tirelessly knocking at our hearts door
The picture Jesus gives of His touching us, evaluating us & asking question after question
of our feelings, are symptoms & our needs are so amazing

And Jesus is doing that always through His people
He surrounds us with others
He never avoids us
He doesn’t act like we’re ceremonially unclean
He touches us with amazing healing
He draws us to Himself
He embraces us
He never lets us go from His accepting, enveloping hugs

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