This interesting squalor about embedding a computer tracking devise in us or on our devises
is an oddly invasive suggestion. It’s creepy. It’s macabre. It’s eerie, spooky & a through violation

Only God has limitless all comprehensive omnipresence

We’re an open book to Him;
He knows our every thought.
He knows every step we take;
We’re never out of His sight.
He knows everything we’re going to say before we even say it.
He’s behind us
He’s in front of us
He’s all around us constantly with His reassuring presence,
He records everywhere we go & every time we return
There’s not a single place where we can go to avoid His Spirit
We’re always in His sight

He knows every sickness we have
Our Physical ailments
Our Mental ailments
Our Emotional weaknesses & our spiritual condition are all exposed to Him

And God loves us perfectly & is our source of love, joy, peace & strength

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