Faith flees to our Father

As gold is the most precious among the metals, so is faith among the graces.

Faith cuts us off from the wild olive of nature & grafts us into Christ.

Faith is the vital artery of the soul: ‘The just shall live by his faith’

Hab. 2:4

Such as are destitute of faith may breathe, but they lack life.

Faith enlivens the graces; not a grace stirs till faith sets it working.

Faith is to the soul what the animal spirits are to the body,

exciting lively activity in it.

Faith excites repentance; it is like the fire to the still which makes it drop.

When we believe God’s love us, this makes us weep that we should sin against so good a God.

Faith is the mother of hope; first we believe the promise, then we hope for it.

Faith is the oil which feeds the lamp of hope.

Faith & hope are two turtle-dove graces; take away one & the other languishes.

If the sinews are cut, the body is lame; if this sinew of faith is cut, hope is lame.

Faith is the ground of patience; he who believes that God is his God,

Faith believes that all providences work for his good, patiently yields himself to the will of God.

Thus faith is a living principle.

And the life of a believer is nothing but a life of faith.

His prayer is the breathing of faith Jas. 5:15

His obedience is the result of faith Rom. 16:26

The godly by faith lives in Christ, as the beam lives in the sun:

We live; yet not us, but Christ lives in us’ Gal. 2:20

We by the power of faith see above reason, trade above the moon

2 Cor. 4:18

By faith our heart is finely quieted; we trusts ourselves & all our affairs to God

Psa. 112:7

As in a time of war, men get into a garrison & trust themselves & their treasures there, so ‘the name of the Lord is a strong tower’

Prov. 18:10 & we trusts all our worth in this garrison.

I know whom I have believed & am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed to Him against that day’

2 Tim. 1:12

God trusted Paul with his gospel & Paul trusted God with his soul.

Faith is a catholicon — a remedy against all troubles.

It is our sheet-anchor that we cast out into the sea of God’s mercy & we’re kept from sinking in despair. ‘

‘If only faith is firm, no ruin harms.’

Adapted from Thomas Watson

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