Give Him our worries

Cast all our worries on Him because he cares for us.

1 PETER 5:7

Why would we have anxious thoughts that we do not bring to Jesus?

Do we think that there is one concern
that’s considered too light or too small,
to put in His hands?

If it’s then too small to give to Him then what’s the worry to us.
Actually He wants us to give Him each microscopic detail

Either cast our concerns (great or small)
on Him that cares for us,
or cast it away from ourselves totally

if it’s unqualified for His sympathy, it’s unworthy of our concern.

If we examine our troubles,
we‘ll discover many of them come
from unbelieving fears about our future;

Christ is at the right hand of God,
He’s in the position of control of all things
He considers all our troubles & problems as His own;
And Jesus removes all our fears about tomorrow!


We discover constantly
that most of our trials & sorrows
are made up of anticipated or imaginary evils,
which only exist in our disordered, unbelieving minds.


We won’t be startled by various events & odd things
When we see that all that we have in Christ
Who enables us to meet everything calmly.


So we begin each day with this confidence,
that we have enough in Christ
to meet every difficulty
that will happen to us


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