Meditate on these things

Meditate on these things. Give yourself totally to them
That our profiting will be on display for everyone

1 Timothy 4:15

Ponder these things; be absorbed in them

Cultivate these things. Immerse yourself in them.

“take pains with these things.”

give yourself entirely to them.

give yourself undividedly & undistractedly to the word of the Lord.

MacDonald notes:

Our study & meditation on God’s Word should be done in an all-out in his efforts.

In this way, our progress will be evident to all. Don’t ever hit a plateau in thinking
about God’s word. Don’t ignore scripture & then settle down into a comfortable rut.

Constantly be always advancing in the things of the Lord.

Keep God’s Word before us. Have it always on our lips;
meditate on it day & night, so that you may be careful to
do everything written in it.

Then we’ll be prosperous & successful.

Joshua 1:8

Our delight is in God’s Word. We meditate on it constantly day night

Psalms 1

Make the words of our mouth & meditation of our hearts acceptable to You

Psalms 19

When we remember You in our bed & meditate on Your Word in the night.

Psalms 63:6

Make our meditation on You sweet Lord

Psalms 104:34

I will meditate in Your Words & have respect to Your ways.

Psalms 119:15

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