We need You Lord in every thought

Help us To Remember

Give us supernatural assistance in our prayers.
Give us supernatural assistance in remembering what We hear & read in Your Word & what we read in other book,
We pray guide us to the right voices & books.
We ask for Your supernatural assistance.
We pray Lord, bring illumination to our mind.
We pray that we will be able to remember what we hear & read & store it into our long-term memory.
We pray that what we hear & read will make us more like Christ.
Give us divine help to memorize & meditate day & night & to set our affections on things above.
That we might always be occupied with Jesus; constantly walking in the Spirit and living out the maximizing of all opportunities for Your glory & honor

Don’t let our prayers be long and winded.
Don’t allow us to ever forget to pray.
We don’t want to pray the same way for everything, but we want to be asking You for Your help constantly
You are our key component to all remembering.

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