Don’t lose your head

John the Baptist

In anguish in this hellish dungeon

a great prophet

John the greatest of all prophets

Jesus forerunner

The person who precedes the coming

The developer for the coming someone great

The road crew who smoothed the bumps

In the terrain

The high place in the path were made low

The low places were made high

The crooked places He straightened out

He was the human road grader

He’s bound in prison

His body is aching in unremitting pain

This great person of courage

This bold in your face outspoken thunderer of truth

He’s suddenly in the brink of a savage sacrifice

Of himself.

He sends word to Jesus

Are You really Jesus

Are You really

the chosen one of God???

I’m so embarrassed

I’m so often in this shape

I’m so ashamed of myself

I’m not facing an enormous crisis

I’m not in a stale refuse soaked


I’m not hearing the jeerings
I’m not hearing the mocking
I’m not hearing the condemnation
of demonic, heartless butchers
as they loadly sharpen their blades
to sever my throat

O, poor John!

He’s young.
His life is passing before him

Are you He cries out
Are you really Jesus
I’m not worthy
to even get on my knees
I’m not worthy to untie your sandals
I’m not worthy to touch the fringe
of your garments

Please please

Are You Him???

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