God’s will

To do Your will, O my God, is our desire,

Your Word is within our heart.

PSALM 40: 8

There are many of us to whom it appears impossible

to think of accepting all the will of God or of our being one with it.

We look on God’s will & see a thousand commands

We see numberless providential orderings . . .

We imagine that we would need to be a thousandfold holier

We need to be stronger in grace, before being able to do, or bear all of God’s will.

We don’t understand that the difficulty comes from our misunderstanding of God’s will.

We look at it as at variance with our natural will

We feel that natural will will never delight in God’s will.

We forget that we have a renewed will.

We now have a new will.

We now delight in the will of God, because we are born of it.

We see this new will.

We see the beauty & the glory of God’s will,

We are really now in harmony with it.

If we are indeed God’s children, our very first impulse in the spirit of a child

is we are now designed to do the will of the Father in heaven.

We now yield ourselves heartily & wholly to this spirit of sonship,

We now need not fear to accept God’s will as ours.

Adapted from ANDREW MURRAY

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