Spring Flowers

As the earth brings forth her bud,

as the garden cause to the things that are sown in it to spring forth;

so the Lord God will cause righteousness & praise

to spring forth before all the nations

Isaiah 61:11

The symbol of a seed which is dry & lifeless

being placed in the ground in this position of death

Then springing up into a plant.

Is also taught by Jesus in John 12:24

Agronomy is the science of soil management & crop production.

A seed is placed in the ground & the hard protective shell around

what’s on the inside falls away in deterioration.

What is taking place after the outer shell dies completely is a seed that

produces new life.

The Lord helps us along at times in this process

He surrounds us with others who have shovels.

They dig a hole & then throw dirt on us.

God says we can fight the dirt. We can throw it off.

But if we walk after the flesh we shall die.

But if we through the Spirit put to death our natural responses of our self life

We see the new life of God’s Spirit rising up

This is a picture of God’s victory which is very certain.

Righteousness & praise for God will eventually win out.

The seed under the dirt will rise & grow

God causes deplorable defeat & the evil of death to rise to life in Jesus

So we can sing for joy in God,

We can explode in praise from deeps in our soul!

We die & Jesus clothes us in His deliverance & salvation

He outfits us in a robe of righteousness,

For as the earth bursts with spring wildflowers,

And as our garden cascades with blossoms,

So Jesus brings righteousness into full glorious bloom

He puts His glory & praise on display before the nations.

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