Channels of Your Spirit

Oh that we knew where we might find Him!’

He that comes to God, must believe that He is,

Give us a sense of Your personal presence

Show us how You O God are a rewarder of all who diligently seek Jesus

Give us an assurance of Your personal friendship Lord Jesus!!!

Make us like Abraham; As a prince to have power with God.

Genesis 32: 28

You Lord Jesus are our object. You are our intense desire.

As we seek You, let us receive You as our all.

Never let us leave weeping.

As we pray, as the words of supplication pass out from our lips,

Please give command that Your presence flies swiftly to us.

We, in our heart lie prostrate, so touch us bodily, talk with us audibly

and assure us that our desires have been given to You.

Make us like Jacob wrestling with You Lord for Your blessings— we say with him

‘I will not let You go until You bless us;’

Make us like David ‘panting’ & ‘pouring out Our soul’ —‘who cried day & night;

Cry through us As David, who said my throat is dry with calling upon my God;’

Give us the importunity of the Syro-Phoenician woman,

who you couldn’t resist when she reasoned

‘Yes, Lord, but the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs;’

Give us the persistency of Bartimaeus, crying out ‘the more’

weeping a great deal,’ ‘Have mercy on me;’

Give us the strong crying & tears of You Lord,

‘If it be possible —if it be possible!’

‘Not my will but Yours be done’

Keep us believing

Make us believe everything we have faith in.

But don’t let our faith be too calm, too cool, too sluggish.

Give us a vision of trust that is clear & erect,

Make our grip on You strong through prayers inflexibility

Develop in us a great heart where deep calleth unto deep.

Give us the passionate earnest nature of the loved disciple John,

move us by Your Spirit

make every day the Lords Day with the spirit of the visions of Patmos.

Make the Psalms of David our natural expression of devotions.

Weave in our thoughts a culture of sensibility where these Psalms become our medium of utterance.

Cleanse & clear us as channels of Your Spirit

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