We’re rich in His mercy

We may feel weak.

We might feel worthless.

But really, if we don’t have a pounding in our hearts

of how undeserving we really are,

we should question our sanity.

The fact is we are unfit & unworthy.

But God is rich in mercy.

And even though our troubles & stresses

appear higher then Mount Everest.

And even though all we can see

is our total inability & utter lostness.

And even though all we taste in our mouth

is the ashes of our failures.

And even though our body staggers

from the poison others want us to swallow

We need to let this thought swell in our minds,

when aging & rejection grinds us down

We have rest in this hope:

GOD ’s gentle faithful love never runs out,

His merciful love never dries up.

Every day God has new possibilities for us.

Every day there are new supernatural miracles

His touch revives our lives through His recreative mercy.

His faithfulness is exhaustless!

His reliability surpasses our wildest imagination!

If He’s all we’ve got left

Then praise God that’s the greatest position to be in.

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