Ramblings about the rancorous

As we try to learn to rest in Christ, we have to take life as He brings it to us.

Knowing who we are in Him, we gain confidence in our relationship with Jesus,

We can welcome others into our lives in whatever way He desires to bring them.

But what if that person hurts us? It will happen of course it will.

But we don’t have to feel like we’re somehow less,

We don’t have to feel as if we’re somehow unworthy,

Even though various individuals we allow near us will appear to attack us

They may say we’re lacking. They may harangue us as despicable

They may conjure up disparaging allegations

But if we have followed Jesus in the past into these relationships.

And if these discrediting individuals claim to have a good relationship with Christ

But reject us as shame-worthy and unfit.

We’re not diminished or impaired by their opinions about us.

Everything we are in Christ, we still are in Christ.

Everything we have in Christ, we still have in Christ

You see, our identity in Christ gives us strength & confidence in all human relationships.

The relationships of the past, present & future don’t alter who we are in our Lord

No one can take away from us what Christ has given us.

No criticism, no betrayal, no insult no outrage can lessen us.

We, trust Jesus. If He leads us to someone, He leads us to connect with that person,

We let God handle the results.

We Trust that Jesus will protect us & make the appropriate adjustments

God may teach us tolerance by putting us around the intolerable types

He may teach us love by allowing us to be around acrimonious scathing individuals

But when the rancorous types unleash their venomous vindictiveness give it to God

Adapted From a friend D. Orison

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