Taking the time

This time element can get us out of focus.

Things like Waiting are a big deal

We see things going a certain destructive way

We don’t have the time for it

Wait on the Lord. That’s what prayer is about

Putting our times in His hands.

God is never in a hurry, but do we have the time for Him

He can never fail. Why would we want to get in His way?

What He has promised He says He’ll perform.

But waiting that’s a real trust issue

“Wait on the Lord … wait, I say, on the Lord.”

That was the one thing we can’t seem to do.

Or, we won’t do

Our failure to wait costs us

Waiting is a lifelong lesson.

And we desperately need to wait.

We try to wait but we fret,

We try to wait and we have fits,

We try to wait and We get fatalistic;

Nope, that’s not trusting prayer

We are to wait on the Lord. Give Him the time

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