Songs in the night

Where is God our maker, who gives songs in the night? Job 35:10

When we have sleepless nights & our brain won’t turn off.

We can ask God to help us fix our thoughts on Him

Then we can believe He’ll fill our lonely, dreary hours with His song.

It might be a night of bereavement.

We’re missing someone or grieving over what could have been.

Let God draw near.

He is the one who always is at our side with comfort.

He is fervent.

He is enthusiastic.

He is intensely thoughtful.

He stands supreme in the throng of the invisible.

He liberates.

He is radiant, active & intent on His purposes;

Now this is where He begins a song.

This may be a night of discouragement

We may collapse over our personal failure.

We feel so misunderstood,

We feel we’re nothing but a reproach;

But God comes near, with His song─

This is the song of hope,

This is the song strength,

This is music of His providence.

We need to sing this songs that He gives. —


Our strength is demonstrated only by the hurricane.

The power of Christ is fully seen when we are pressed by a fiery trial.

God makes the fact that

“He gives songs in the night,”

by first making it night.

William Taylor (Adapted)

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