Deep calls to deep

As The Deer pants & longs for the water brooks,
so we pant & long for You, O God.

Our inner self thirsts for God, for the living God.
When will we come & behold the face of God?

Our tears have been our food day & night,
while others say to us constantly, Where is your God?

These things we earnestly remember
We pour ourselves out within us:

how we went slowly before the throng
how we led them in procession in the house of God

like a bandmaster before his band, timing the steps
to the sound of music & the chant of song

with the voice of shouting & praise,
like a throng keeping festival.

Why are you cast down, O inner self?
Why should you moan over us & be disquieted within us?

Hope in God & wait expectantly for Him,
for we will praise Him, our Help & our God.

O our God, our life is cast down in us
we find our burden more than we can bear

therefore will we earnestly remember You from the land of Rivers
therefore will we earnestly remember You from the summits of Mountains

to our Roaring deep calls to Your roaring deep at the thunder of Your waterspouts;
all Your breakers & Your rolling waves have gone over us.

Yet You Lord will command Your loving-kindness
in the daytime & in the night for us

Psalms 42:1-8 AMP

The deep of our need calls to the deep of God’s fulness;

and the deep of God’s fulness calls to the deep of our need.

Between our emptiness & His all-sufficiency there is a great gulf. . . .

Deep calls to deep.

The deep mercy of God needs our emptiness,

into which it might pour itself. . . .

Nothing can fully meet the depth of our need

but the depth of His Almighty fulness”

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