Fix our eyes on You

It may appear, if we accept the news broadcasts

That everything that we knew as our normal

Is now over & gone

It may seem that the foundations of our society has crumbled in ruins

But God is still on His throne. And He is in complete control

Could it be that these collapses are all that we would come boldly to His throne of Grace?

Could it be that the pressures oof disillusionment are to get us in His embrace?

Touch us to seek Your face

Draw us near to You O God & please draw near to us

Let us see You

Let us feel You

Let us be filled with You

Attract all that We love to You

Aid us by Your irresistible grace

Overwhelm us in Your incomprehensibly crazy tender love

Surround us in Your faithful compassion

Give us Your amazing undeserved mercy

Toughen us to lose no ground

Neither give place to demons Eph. 4:27

Contend for us & in us that every inch of ground of our hearts affection would be Yours

Temper us to stand against deceptions

Stand against the wiles of the Devil Eph 6:11

Cause every incident & individual You allow in our lives to fence us in like a protective wall up to You

Make anyone who comes between us & You to be pushed aside in defeat

Transform Us To Have A Complete Awareness 1 Peter 5:8-9

Keep us aware of our adversary

Keep us aware of his antagonism

Keep us aware of his advance

Keep us aware of his animosity

Keep us alert to our alternatives

Lord Jesus bind & please Father rebuke Satan in our lives

Your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour

Whom resist steadfast in the faith

Embolden us to rely on You in Satan’s binding

Challenge us in prayer to attack enemy territory

No man can enter into a strong man’s house Mark 3:27

Demonstrate Your power Lord Jesus over all Satanic deception by Your Word & prayer reliance

Please compel us to specific prayer that spoil his goods

Thank you for Your incarnation

Thank you for rising up for us

Thank you for Your perfect sacrifice for our sins

Thank You for spoiling Satan’s house & Thank You capturing us to Your heart in love

Please reach & radically love our loved ones

Defeat Satanic bondage in those we love

Defeat the forces of delusion & debauchery

Don’t allow Satan to spoil Your purposes

Allow us to defeat the evil ones plans

Empower our stand

Show us our area of least resistance

Enable us to stand against the forces of darkness

Enlarge our understanding to discern each demonic method as they seek an invasion in our lives

Empower us in the liberty You have provided for us by Your Spirit

Gird our loins about with truth

Deepen our comprehension

Deepen our penetration into Your word

Guide us in engrafting key sections of biblical truth in to our life

Garrison our heart & gird our inner being with Your principles

Reveal Your righteousness to us & in us & around us

Stabilize dependence on Your Spirits filling to produce spiritual fruit in righteous character

Keep our heart with all diligence by the breastplate of right activity

Produce in us continuously the character of Christ

Develop in our every movement to walk as Jesus walked

Train us in a life style of loving compassion & prayerful Dependent humility

Prepare our every moment in Spirit motivated prayer meditation on Your Word

Teach us the art of peacemaking in the serene communication of Your life giving truth

Above all taking the shield of faith

Surround our inner person with growth in the shielding faith of complete trust in You

Develop resilience in us to stand tall under slander against all scorching rage

Extinguish every flaming dart with spiritual refreshing in truth

Embolden our stand against slurring results of the wicked

Take every slurring word & Take gesture formed against us & change it all into a blessing from You

Develop in our every movement to walk as Jesus walked

Guide in a life style of love

Direct us in compassion

Teach us prayerful in dependent humility

Prepare every moment in motivated prayer meditation on You

Teach our tongue to speak in the art of peacemaking

Speak through us in the serene communication of Your life giving truth

Above all taking the shield of faith

Against maligning responses of the wicked & their insults

Reveal to us every prospect of Your power available to us

Incline us to draw on Your power

Train our mind in rational processing of every thought

give us a scholars grasp of Your word

And take the helmet of salvation

Protect our mind from incorrect logic

deliver us from the world, flesh, & devil

Teach us to combat the Devil with specific phrases of Your word

Show how our life depends on words that come from You

Teach us to be incisive & specific with Your principles of truth

Train us in the penetrating power of the rhemas of Spirit words

Invoke Your Spirit’s intervention

renew us, restore us & sustain us

Instruct us to never be ashamed of the good words of deliverance

that are the power of God to work salvation to those who receive it

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