Running to Your arms

We’ve already run for dear life But I’m not running aimlessly

We’ve run straight to Your arms GOD.

So why would we run somewhere else

Why would we freak out?

Why would we Run to the mountains; Because evil bows are bent,

The wicked are shooting arrows under the cover of darkness at every heart open to God.

The bottom’s dropped out of our country;

Good people don’t have a chance?

But wait, GOD hasn’t moved to the mountains;

His holy address hasn’t changed.

He’s in charge, as always,

His eyes are taking everything in,

His eyelids are not blinking,

He’s everywhere examining humanities unruly brood

He’s checking everyone inside & out,

He’s not missing a thing.

He tests the good & the destructive alike;

When anyone cheats & when there is violence God is outraged.

Those that Fail God’s tests end up all messed up

Out in a hail of firestones,

Drinking from a canteen filled with hot desert wind!

Psalm 11:1-6 MSG

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