The value of God’s Word & prayer

A resent article noted that

It’s helpful to notice the kinds of things we don’t pray about?

The things we neglect to pray about are the things we believe we can handle on our own.

The things we don’t pray about are the things we don’t think we need God’s wisdom, perspective, or intervention in.

We may never say or even think these grotesque thoughts.

But doesn’t our lack of prayer prove our independence from God?

Aren’t we saying that we don’t need God?

So what are those things we don’t pray about?

Some folks get agitated when we talk or write about that Word of God. They say they feel we’re forcing our viewpoints down their throats.

They may not be ready to receive it.

But are we wrong to plant some seeds?

So the seeds don’t take root.

Maybe there’s no soil to receive the seeds.

Maybe there’s weeds that choke the possibilities of growth out

If we’re not free to share we’re always free to pray.

But maybe we need to be gripped with the reality that we can’t handle anything on our own.

So we need to take this opportunity of freedom to pray to pray more

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