Wisdom is better

God is the source of true Wisdom,

You Lord gives us sanity through Your Word;

God You’re the architect of real Knowledge & Discretion.

When we respect You GOD & are in awe of You
We will hate Evil,
We will despise perverse passions
We will avoid pride & arrogance
We’ll be aggravated by crooked talk

Good counsel & common sense are the characteristics of God lovers;

God You’re the originator & source of all insight & sincere Virtue

It is through Gods wisdom, that true leaders rule,

It is through Gods wisdom, that lawmakers legislate fairly;

It is through Gods wisdom, that governors govern,

It is through Gods wisdom, that all legitimate authority can
arrive at right solution.

God is the spring of all true counsel and perfect comfort

Through His Word we gain Understanding

Through His Word we gain Comprehension

Through His Word we gain strength

There are phony leaders
There are wicked lawmakers
There are disgusting governors
There are illegitimate authorities

Foolishness is their trademark
Evil is their lover
Satan is their inspiration

God loves those who love Him;

The Lord blesses all who look to Him to find His wise solutions.

God is our only source of real Wealth & true Glory

God’s wisdom gives Honor & a Good Name.

Hearing God speak His wisdom through His Word
will give us benefits beyond all riches of earthly wealth

True Riches & honour come from Wisdom in God’s Word

His fruit is better than gold, even superior to fine gold & choice silver.

God’s wisdom leads us to righteousness,

God’s Word inspires us to correct Decisions

By loving & living God’s Word we inherit beauty;
and we will be filled with valuable treasures.

Proverbs 8:12-20 paraphrased

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