Israel in Isaiah 52

She has been defiled Isa. 52:1

She has been chained Isa. 52:2

She has been sold for nothing Isa. 52:3

She has been oppressed Isa. 52:4

She has been taken away for nothing Isa. 52:5

She has been mocked Isa. 52:5

But now she will “sit enthroned” like a queen in Jerusalem Isa. 52:2

But now she is to wear “garments of splendor” Isa. 52:1

Though she was sold for nothing, in God’s eyes she is still beyond price Isa. 52:3

God still calls Israel “my people” Isa. 52:4

He attaches his own name to what has happened to them:

His name that has been constantly blasphemed” Isa. 52:5

Now they can take comfort: the God who foretold their destruction has foretold their restoration Isa. 52:6

God’s gracious goodness and faithfulness is pursuing her and delivering her from the punishment that he himself has imposed.

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