Yield to the grind

“Wheat berries are bruised.” (Isa. 28:28.)

I have an old wheat mill from the 60s. It has two mill stones that grind the wheat as they rub together

And the wheat berries are gravity fed through the stones.

We are like hard wheat berries. We can’t be used to become bread for the world’s hunger until we are broken in Christ’s hands.

 “Wheat berries are bruised.”

Christ’s blessing often arrive through sorrow.

So us sorrow too great a price to pay for the privilege of touching other lives with blessings?

“The sweetest things in this world today have come to us through tears & pain”

J. R. Miller.

“God has made us bread for others & if it is needful that the bread must be ground in the

teeth of the lion to feed His children, blessed be the name of the Lord.”


“We must burn out before we can give out. We cease to bless when we cease to bleed.”

“Poverty, hardship & misfortune have pressed many live to moral heroism & spiritual greatness”

“Difficulty challenges energy & perseverance. It calls into activity the strongest qualities of the soul.”

“It is the weights on a grandfather clock that kept it going.

Many a head wind has been utilized to make it to port.

God has appointed opposition as an incentive to faith & spiritual blessings”


“The most illustrious characters of the Bible were bruised and threshed and ground into bread for the hungry. Abraham’s diploma styles him as `the father of the faithful.’ That was because he stood at the head of his class in affliction and obedience.

“Jacob suffered severe threshing & grindings.

Joseph was bruised and beaten & had to go through Potiphar’s kitchen & Egypt’s prison to get to his throne.”

“David, was hunted like a partridge on the mountain, bruised, weary & footsore,

He was ground into bread for a kingdom.

Paul never could have been bread for Caesar’s household if he had not endured the bruising,

whippings and stoning.  He was ground into fine flour for the royal family.

“Like combat, like victory. If for you He has appointed special trials, be assured that in His heart He has kept for you a special place. A soul sorely bruised is a soul elect.”

L. Cowman

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