O LORD, thou hast searched us, and known us.

Psalms 139:1 KJV

O LORD, You have examined our heart & know everything about us
Psalms 139:1 NLT

GOD, you completely investigate our lives

Lord, You get all the facts firsthand.

We’re an open book to You;

And no matter where we are or what we’re fantasizing about,

You know exactly what we’re thinking.

So do you think God talks to us today?

I mean, do you suppose He can talk in complete sentences?

Does He actually take a phrase or section of His Word in the scriptures

and make it jump off the page at us?

Does He also individualize those remarkably prominent pronouncements

in personalized, customized tones to our peculiar predicaments?

I believe He does with all my heart!

If I didn’t believe He gave specialized direct expressions to my life,

I’d totally quit memorizing and meditating on God’s Word.

Sometimes it’s just a gentle nudge from Him.

At other moments it’s a peculiar prompt of His presence to let us know

He’s with me continuously. He’s nice to have around you know.

Last night as I was going to bed I was letting my imagination run wild.

Then the Lord give that slight nudge.

He said: Hey, Steve;

I have searched you, and I known you

My imagination had gone a little off the rails

I was fantasizing about being the wealthiest individual on the planet

Of course with all these immense assets,

I was wondering over how I could solve the problems in the USA.

Naturally I’d have to pick a side. So here we are. We have two major political groups.

So which political group has both oars in the water?

Which one has only one oar in the water churning in circles down a vapid drain hole?

Should I back the police? Are all our authorities now hog tied?

So where are the hotspots of turmoil and disarray?

Are their violent forces on the loose?

Whose encouraging commotion and confusion?

What’s the end game in what appears to be a violent pandemonium of raging revolt?

So with these unlimited funds should I hire a army of mercenaries

Should I dispatch my forces for some targeted Shock and Awe?

So I could hire every available black ops asset.

Then of course hire every special forces combatants.

Might as well get all the available attack dogs.

How about a squadron of water cannon tanks.

What tools could be used

There are various methods of riot control
There’s An Anti-Vehicle Sticky Foam Gun which demobilizes people & vehicles. It can be used to coat a building in a forest fire to fireproof a structure also
There’s Pepper Spray Drones For Dispersing Unruly Crowds
There’s a Skunk Gun that’s guaranteed to Disperse Protesters whether long range squirts of this gagging stink or personal canisters for close range stink soiling

There are 239 biological agents that can be employed to cause crowd submission we just witnessed one called covid-19
Of course there’s the trusty Water Cannons That Paint You For Future Arrest
There’s mysterious cloud fogging with sedative materials for Drugging Mobs
There’s sharpshooter long range Tasers & Shotgun tasers
There’s vehicle mounted intense Heat Rays For Dispersing Crowds
There’s Lasers Designed To Blind And Potentially Sicken crowds
There’s extreme noise Sonic Weapons Designed For Crowd Control
There’s even noise weapons that can cause uncontrollable vomiting & defecation

The majority of these deterrents won’t end in a lot of body bag issues.

These are just neutralizing tools to redirect these hordes of unmanageable mob types.

Now that’s where the Lord came and interrupted my fantasy

He said hold up. You’re not hiring an army to solve problems.

He reminded me that He hasn’t put me in charge of solving these issues

He reminded me that He’s in charge!

He pointed out that prayer is my connection to His throne at command central.

It’s all in His time and in His way.

God, has completely investigate every life & no one gets a hall pass.

He’s the only one that has all the scientific facts on us firsthand.

We’re all an open book to Him.

He knows whose sneaking around & destroying others.

And no matter where we are or what we’re fantasizing about,

He knows exactly what each of us are thinking.

And He’s going to write the final chapter in our little Ant hill called earth.

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