Grow in Jesus Grace

Growing in grace is getting deeper in the knowledge of God.

Growing in grace is becoming more intimate in relaxing in Jesus life

Growing in grace is discovering that God’s Spirit is enough.

Growing in grace is enjoying being Christ’s followers

Growing in grace is recognizing that He is enough!

Growing in grace is being shocked that outside of Christ everything else is a perpetual pile of dissatisfaction.

Growing in grace is when Jesus all we want,

Growing in grace is sobering up to our state of instability & confusion without Jesus.

William Mason said,

Be discontent without a constant revelation of Christ to our souls:

Jesus makes our conscience peaceful,
Jesus makes our heart happy, Jesus makes our soul joyful:
Jesus inspires love,
Jesus subdues our lust,
Jesus captivates our affections,
Jesus creates heaven in our soul.

Jesus is enough!

He is our King

He reigns over us,
He reigns for us,
He reigns in us.

Miles Mckee wrote

Jesus is called, “Wonderful Isaiah 9:6
His birth was wonderful;
His person is wonderful;
His offices of Prophet, Priest and King are wonderful;
His work for us was wonderful;

He is our teacher and the subject of His lesson.
That’s wonderful!
He is our Lamb and at the same time our shepherd;
that again is wonderful!
His sinless life was wonderful;
His death was wonderful;
He was both the sacrifice and the Priest who offered the sacrifice… that’s wonderful!
His resurrection was wonderful;
His ascension into Heaven was wonderful;
His salvation is wonderful;
His power is wonderful and His faithfulness is wonderful.
Is He wonderful enough for you and for me?

“With a mighty hand, He laid hold of the works of Satan, He unlocked the prison gates, He broke the bands asunder.
He opened His mouth and the deaf heard,
the blind saw,
the dumb spoke,
the lame walked,
and the lepers were cleansed. —-
He took our yoke & bore it away on His own shoulders & cast it broken into the bottomless pit.”

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