Rinse the Dishes

We rinse our dishes as soon as we’re done with them.
The idea is to discipline ourselves immediately to wash away all food residue and grime left on our plates and silverware

We don’t want it to get caked on and difficult to get off the next day.

No old pasta sauce, no old cereal, and no leftover food plastered onto our dishes. If it’s overlooked it takes more scouring to remove it. Sometimes the leftover sludge becomes one with the dish. No matter how hard we scrub, it’s harder to get off.

That is how we can feel with our sin. It cakes on to our very being. We feel grungy.

The best remedy then is to leave a dish soaking in water to loosen up the grime and dirt. Then it can be wiped away with less effort.

The cleansing power of the water over a period of time is enough to get the stains loosened up.

Breaking dungy habits can work loose by the living water of Christ through the water of His Word. Keep in the Word.

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