Let all who swear by statistics take warning

in the fact that the numbers don’t always add up

Now that is precisely the weakness of democracy.

A democratic form of government is, I suppose, the nearest approach to a perfect form of government that has ever been invented;

yet nobody would argue that it is a perfect form of government.

And the chasm that yawns between it & perfection is the chasm into which we have just been peering.

It adds Judas & John together,

saying as it does so that one & one make two.

It gives the ne’er-do-weel, the waster & the scoundrel the same voice in the affairs of State as the man of intelligence & integrity to whom the whole community looks up in respect.

If there is one lesson written more legibly than another on the annals of the world, it is that majorities are almost always wrong!’

W. S. Lilly

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