Be assertive

Concerning the work of my hands command me. Isa. 45:11

This is what GOD says, The Holy of Israel, Israel’s Maker,

Do you question who or what I’m making?

Are you telling me what I can or cannot do?

I made earth & I created man & woman to live on it.

I handcrafted the skies & direct all the constellations in their turnings.

And now I’ve got Cyrus on the move.
I’ve rolled out the red carpet before him.
He will build my city.
He will bring home my exiles.
I didn’t hire him to do this.
I told him. I, God -of-the-Angel-Armies.

Our Lord spoke in this tone when He said,

“Father, I will.”

Joshua used it when, in the supreme moment of triumph,
When He lifted up his spear toward the setting sun, and cried,

“Sun, stand thou still!”

Elijah used it when he shut the heavens for three years and six months, and again opened them.

Luther used it when, kneeling by the dying Melanchthon,

he forbade death to take his prey.

It is a marvelous relationship into which God bids us enter.
We are familiar with words like those which follow in this paragraph:

“I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.”

But that God should invite us to command Him,

this is a change in relationship which is altogether startling!

What a difference there is between this attitude & the hesitating, halting,
unbelieving prayers to which we are accustomed & which by their perpetual repetition lose their edge and point!

How often during His earthly life did Jesus put men into a position to command Him!

When entering Jericho, He stood still, and said to the blind beggars:

“What will you that I shall do unto you?”

It was as though He said,

“I am yours to command.”

Can we ever forget how He yielded to the Syrophenician woman the key to His resources and told her to help herself even as she would?

What mortal mind can realize the full significance of the position to which
our God lovingly raises His little children?

He seems to say,

“All my resources are at your command.”

“Whatsoever you ask in my name, that will I do,”

F. B. Meyer.

Say to this mountain,

“Go, Be cast into the sea”;

And doubt not in your heart,

That it shall be to you.

It shall be done,

doubt not His Word,

Challenge thy mountain in the Lord!

Compass the frowning wall,

With silent prayer, then raise─

Before its ramparts fall─

The victor’s shout of praise.

It shall be done,

faith rests assured,

Challenge thy mountain in the Lord!

The two-leaved gates of brass,

The bars of iron yield,

To let the faithful pass,

Conquerors in every field.

It shall be done,

the foe ignore,

Challenge thy mountain in the Lord!

Take then the faith of God,

Free from the taint of doubt;

The miracle-working rot.

That casts all reasoning out.

It shall be done,

stand on the Word,

Challenge thy mountain in the Lord!

— Selected.

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