The Slippery Slope

Don’t let our hearts slide away into any twisted stuff

Keep us from atrocious corruption

Release us from the company of those who are depraved in their behavior

Psalm 141:3,4

I haven’t skied in years. As out of shape and practice as I am

My Prayer is to stay off those slippery slopes:

“Do not incline my heart…” “Do not let me…”

Psalms 142:4

The Lord’s prayer echoes this exactly:

“Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

Keep us away from destruction:

Let our prayer be set forth before You as incense”

Psalm 141:2

As incense puts out an excellent fragrance that’s attractive,
appealing & appreciated

We cry that our prayers would be pleasing to You O God.

We lift up of our hands as an evening sacrifice”

Make our prayers an act that praises You Lord Jesus.

We ask that You would let us feel Your pleasure & praises in our prayers

Keep us climbing into Your arms & deliver us from sliding away from You

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