Face to face

When You said, Seek My face

(inquire for & require My presence as your vital need)

Our heart says to You, Your face

(Your presence)

Lord, we will seek You, we will inquire after You

Psalms 27:8 | AMP

Listen, to us God, we’re calling at the top of our lungs:

Be good to us! Answer us!” When Your heart whispered,

“Seek God,” our whole being replied, “we’re seeking You!”

The message

The face of God is “the express image” of His personality. 

There’s a dictionary called the idiom dictionary

An idiom is a phrase with metaphorical meaning figurative not literal

One idiom

“On the face of it”

Means without knowing all of the relevant facts; at first glance.

to the casual eye, it’s called face value or surface knowledge

which is superficial

Another idiom

“At first blush”

means our initial impression without going deeper

Many of us know the Lord by initial impressions or surface & superficial knowing

We need to go deeper into His person. We need to become intimate and trusting

We need a face to face relationship

A Face to face relationships mean the exchange of personal thought

A Face to face relationships mean the expression of feeling

A Face to face relationships mean the experience of friendship

A Face to face relationship means the engagement of closest intimacy

All the beauty in the universe comes from the light of God’s face.

The face of God, the personal face of the personal God is figurative

language referring to the expression of his character

We have the privilege of interacting with God’s perfect nature & untarnished personality

We open our various access points to God our ears our eyes and our mouth.

We open our mind our heart and our feelings 

The evidence of faith is exhibited in our delight in sharing our heart in His ears

The proof of trust is our pleasure in relishing His eyes on our life

The verification of hope is our ability to wait on Him for his solutions and strength in challenges that come from his mouth. 

He raises us above the crushing weight of perplexity by setting us on the rock of his truth as he lifts our view through his communication.

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