What we do when our politicians are vultures

Jesus tells a parable to show that at all times we ought to pray
and not get discouraged and give up

Luke 18:1

When things appear to be falling apart what do we do.

Jesus says we should talk to Him constantly about everything.

I heard someone say that things are going to hell in a hand basket.

That phrase is a bit weird but it refers to our lives falling into disaster.

I tried to research the expression. I guess it was coined during the
French Anarchy. When the guillotine was used for population control,
They would catch the head in a hand basket.

So what do we do when things are falling apart?

Do we focus the problems that are the cause of the catastrophe?
Do we get all knotted up inside?

Or do we plead with the only one who can give us an explanation of
the reasons for things unraveling and ask Him for solutions?

J. Ligon Duncan writes that our God is more willing to hear our prayer
than we are to pray it.

In this story Jesus describes a certain city that had a judge. We could
substitute for the word judge any city or state politician who makes
decisions that effect the lives of its citizens.

This politician didn’t fear God. That’s another way of saying He rejected
God. He didn’t fear the consequences from God for his decisions

This politician didn’t respect man. He didn’t care if his decisions hurt
others. He didn’t care about people’s basic needs. He sounds insensitive
and even ruthless.

It’s harsh when our political leaders don’t feel any natural shame for their
behavior. They can appear impervious to any appeal to what is right and
fair. It doesn’t matter to them how counterproductive their actions are.

Jesus said this was an impossible political leader. He didn’t care about
God. He also didn’t care about the effects of his decisions on others.
This is fraught with tragedy for people’s lives.

For this oppressed Widow this politician is her worst nightmare.

But she was undaunted, she was confident and she was determined.

She just kept coming to this politician with her complaints, saying,

‘Give me legal protection from my opponent.’”

She was being taken advantage of and oppressed by her adversaries.

She’s a symbol of helplessness. She doesn’t have the assets to bribe
the politician. She couldn’t afford an advocate either. All she had was
her persistent unrelenting voice.

What a story. What an example of perpetual unrelenting continual prayer.
She had needs, she’d been wronged and she was helpless.

Everything was going to hell in a hand basket and she demanded a solution.

Jesus wants us to keep asking, to keep seeking and to keep knocking.

He is our deliverer.

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