Angelic special opps

“And God’s Angels met him.”

Genesis 32:1

When Jacob left the promised land, he had a vision of Angels ascending and descending a ladder

After years of being away Jacob returns from serving Laban.

In Genesis 32 The Angels are there again

Jacob is coming home to the land the Lord had
promised to give to Abraham and his off-spring.

Wherever we go, God’s hosts are all around us.
We never go alone. We’re never abandoned.

These Angels are God’s elite special ops.
They are a squadrons of special forces to protect us

These are the Lord’s “ministering spirits,

sent out to serve all who call on His name in humble faith

John Wesley spent fifty-two years in the saddle riding through toils and snares, fronting dangers at every turn
as he preached Christ Jesus to his generation.

John Phillips writes that In those days

traveling was dangerous for a lone man.

There wasn’t a Police force to defund

There wasn’t a National Guard to call up

Prayer was the only 911 of that era

Stage coaches traveled with armed guards,

Robbers and Highwaymen lurked in ambush waiting a chance to shoot down the unwary.

John Wesley was riding one day on a lonely stretch of road when he noticed shadowy forms ahead,

These forms that vanished behind trees almost as his eye took them in.

He couldn’t turn back; but riding on meant danger and possibly death.

There was no hope of human help, so John Wesley prayed.

Suddenly he heard hoofbeats coming behind him,

He turned in his saddle as another traveler rode up alongside. Wesley gave the newcomer a greeting than silently the two spurred on down the path,

They past the place where the robbers were concealed.

Seeing two men instead of one, they passed through safely

When Wesley turned to say something to his companion,
he discovered that there was nobody there!

The mysterious rider had vanished into thin air.

John Wesley had received an unusual glimpse of his Angel escort protecting Him.

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