The Sounds of many Waters

The Mystery and Might of Water

“The most appalling quality of water is its strength.

I love its flash & gleam, its music, its pliancy & grace, its slap against my body; but I fear its strength.”

Rivers, are irrepressibly themselves & in being so, more than themselves — sources & symbols of life,

impartial witnesses imbued not merely with the elemental but with the existential.

There is a mystery about cascading torrents of rivers that draws us to them,

for they rise from hidden places & travel by routes that are not always tomorrow

where they might be today,”

Maria Popova

His voice was as the sound of many waters

Revelation 1:15

Imagine arguing with the thunderous poundings of Niagara Falls or Snoqualmie Falls!

Visualize standing at the foot of the falls with some 12 million cubic feet of water roaring down each

minute and trying to argue with a tumultuous ear-splitting voice like that!

A mighty waterfall pours out its gargantuas sound with a deafening roar.

This is a powerful voice, unmoved by the apathy, unaffected by the rejectors animosity.

A beautiful penetrating voice deserving of all admiration of those that hear.

The silence of God in the face of contemporary upheavals is a great conundrum.

Sir Robert Anderson says,

“When faith murmurs, and unbelief revolts, and men challenge the Supreme to break

that silence and declare Himself, how little do they realize what that challenge means!

It means the withdrawal of the amnesty

It means the end of the reign of grace

It means the closing of the day of mercy and the dawning of the day of wrath.”

As John Phillips confirms:

“One day that voice “as the sound of many waters”

will break the silence with a roar,

and all voices raised in angry protest will be silenced,

drowned out by His.”

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