Stand tall

We should not be psychological captives of lies

The manipulative news- pessimistic headlines are downers

All journalistic spin polarizers should be ignored.

We are easily controlled by the false assumption that everything is out of control.

We can play into a defeatist attitude.

Prayer puts us automatically into the throne room of the King of all Kings.

He never sleeps and He’s not hard of hearing.

Satan’s and his earthly forces are actually losing.

Satan is not “alive and well on Planet Earth.”

He is alive, but he is not well.

To argue otherwise is to argue for the historical impotence and cultural irrelevance of Christ’s work on Calvary.

God answers prayer and He is moving His Kingdom rapidly forward where every knee bows and every mouth confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord.

We can bow now and confess Jesus as our Lord and King.

Then we will stand in Him and pray confidently about everything.

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