Let us feel Your eyes

For the eyes of the LORD run back and forth

They travel throughout the whole earth,

to show He’s strong

in the behalf of all

Those hearts committed toward Him.

2 Chron. 16:9

GOD is always on the alert,

Our Lord is constantly on the lookout

Are we totally committed to looking at Him.

Are we engaged with listening to Him

Are we determined to follow Jesus

Are we attached to the Spirit of Christ

Are we depending on Hearing His voice in His Word

Or are we betting the farm on human help

If so in so doesn’t get elected

Boy howdy; Now we’re in trouble—

All hell breaks loose

Wait just a minute

Where’s our focus

We have an inspired composition from our creator

Testimonies galore of over-comers

Promise upon promise

Assurance after assurance

Predictions piled to the sky

Yet He gives breath to mobs of destroyers

So how do we catch Gods eye???

Don’t we want His attention,

Don’t we desire His solutions,

Don’t we need His provisions?

Commit to Him!!!

Without faith it’s impossible to please Him

So we open our heart to His presence

We feel His eyes searching us

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