Cared for

We lack nothing when Jesus, is our Shepherd.

He supplies all our needs.

His comfortable bed for us are green pastures

He prepares a perfect place of peace and rest for us.

He leads us beside still water

When we stumble and fall, He picks us up.

He cares for our wounds.

Jesus gives us strength.

He restores our soul.

He puts us back on the right path,

His path, is the path we walk together on—

His path, is the path that resonates the truth

and righteousness of His name.

When darkness wraps its arms around us

When death knocks at our door,

Because our Lord is always present,

because He is with us,

because Christ stands by our side,

We will not be afraid,

As You hold our hand.

You comfort us.

You keep us safe.

You give us peace.

And You do it In full view of our enemies,

You spread out Your magnificent feast;

and while we feast on Your presence, Lord,

You fill our cup and keep pouring.

Our life is full now

overflowing with grace

overflowing with mercy

overflowing with forgiveness

and overflowing with blessings beyond measure.

Our life is jam-packed with

Your goodness

Your unfailing love

For You’ve made our heart Your forever home

Psalm 23 Paraphrased

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