I always need help

We, all of us should be of one and the same mind, united in spirit,

sympathizing with each other,

loving each other as a family of one household,

compassionate and courteous, tenderhearted and humble

Never return evil for evil or insult for insult, don’t be scolding,

never give out a tongue-lashing, and don’t be berating,

Instead give out blessings.

Be constructively praying for others welfare,

pleading for others happiness, and petitioning for others protection,

Our responses should be sincere, truly pitying and loving to others

This is our calling,

for we ourselves have inherited a blessing from God–

so we also should bring blessings, happiness and protection to others

1 Peter 3

God, please Father please

Place in our lives others

who know our strengths and weaknesses,

who know our fears, failures, and victories;

others who are warm with compassion

but sympathetic in confronting us to protect us;

others whose hearts belong to Jesus

others who have been conquered by grace.

We’re so easily discouraged,

We can’t afford to fight our battles alone

We’re so weak and fallible and we need others help.

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