We bow our hearts

For this reason, I fall to our knees

in our heart before the Father

G.K. Chesterton mused:

When we fall our knees we assume our
primary purpose of prostration is prayer

Bowing is, more than a convenient posture for prayer.

Bowing is surrender in response to God
Who inspires inspires deep awe in our soul

So what is it that causes us to fall to
down before Him in prayerful awe?

It wasn’t a miraculous vision,

It wasn’t a voice from heaven.

It is something that may seem quite mundane

It‘s something that is experienced today
by billions of people around the globe.

We need to cultivate our desire
for authentic awe in Him

We take a fresh look at all unexpected
wonder that drives us to bow to Him

The world will never starve for wonders;
but only for want of wonder

If that was true in Chesterton’s time,
how much more is it true for us today?

Our eyes and our flesh are glutted
with superficial pleasures

Our souls are starving for authentic awe.

We have become comfortably numb.

But God did not design us for the numbness

chasing constantly after the latest distraction
or the quickest thrill is like Novocain in our veins

God designed us for wonder and awe in His voice

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