I miss Fiona

I really miss Fiona. She was a sweetheart.

She was very facial. She loved to be in my face.

She purred like an Angel.

Wait a minute I can’t find any purring Angels in the Bible.

Maybe we should call it alto humming.

I didn’t realize how allergic I was to kitters until I got Fiona.
Our other cat Mazie is more partial to Jill.

Fiona would sleep next to my head giving random nose bumps and lip to lip stare downs.

Her affectionate nature was epic. She followed me everywhere. She stared out the window at me.

She ran to the door when I came in meowing loudly.

I’ve cried over the decision of which of our two cats to Rehome. I prayed and prayed and It was a one year process to find a good home for her.

She now lives in a home on Lake Washington. A real upgrade of luxury and good fortune.

Definitely better views in the mystic of having lake front property.

Her new owner is graduating from the UW in premed this year.
She will enter medical school next year in her quest to become a Doctor.

I believe all this is a better environment for Fiona.
But I still miss her and she’ll always be in my heart.

But my allergic reactions are now improved.

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