What are our test results?

There is no way to know who we really are

until we’ve been tested.

The more tests we have the better we see inside

God’s gauges are used to test our quality

His measurements of our inner properties are precise

I’m humored by someone taking my temp before I enter,

I never ran a temp when I had covid-19

I never ran a temp when I got double pneumonia

I was coughing and sneezing before corona & pneumonia

I’m still coughing and sneezing long after it was cured

God’s standards on testing our faith are beyond comparison.

When God tests our faith He may bluntly have us face

the blank side of the wall without any clue on what’s

waiting for us on the other side.

His ways of putting our faith into the test is not

within the limited boundaries of our comprehension.

In our measurements and limited understanding,

God’s sovereign ways may seem to be unreasonable

God’s tests perhaps at times feel unjustifiable.

He’s the God of the universe,

He’s the Creator of heaven and earth,

He’s the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

His ways are not our ways.

Who are we to question His ways?

I question these tests question for entering building

I question that a piece of cloth is securing my health

Or securing anyone else’s health

If God wants us to catch a disease we’re going to get it

If God delivers from getting a disease we’ll never get it

I’m not saying we should be or act caviler about it

Fear is the opposite of faith.

We can cringe over things and exercise absurd caution

We all face different levels of intensity

We all come into God’s lab of faith testing

Yours maybe different from mine

Ours might be different from that of others.

If 99 percent of the population don’t get a certain

Virus or bacterial infection it doesn’t mean those

99 % won’t get something or other that God allows

Inoculations don’t secure us from God allowing Satan

to conjure up in His mad scientists lab another rubicon

There are worse plagues that could wipe us out yet to come

Each test of faith is a chance to show our trust,

Each test is an opportunity to obey and love God.

When God tests our faith, it‘s an opportunity

for us to deepen our intimacy with Jesus

Cain’s test was a threshold where sin crouched at his door

The result of his test showed what was inside of him

He was terminal with a disease filled murderous inside

He got the test results and he ignored them

He bludgeoned his brother to a bloody dead pulp

There is a lot of testing being administer today

How are we testing out?

What are we seeing inside ourselves?

God is a master at precise questions and tests

Are we learning what’s inside of us through it?

The same sun that melts the ice hardens the clay

Are we getting sweeter through our tests or are we fomenting in sour gall?

Are we deepening in are wailing and gnashing of teeth?

Or are we softening in our heart and bursting with joy as we

feel Jesus is closer and closer and at home in every room in our heart?

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