Repetitions and resistance

Repetitions with weight resistance

builds physical muscles

The constant opposition

The continuous endurance

pitted against heavy obstacles

opposed against obstructing tensions

develops our strength and

develops physical resilience

Spiritual tests

Character challenging trials

build our spiritual inner muscles

To grow in Jesus we need

His regular gym dynamics

for spiritual growth

in a relationship with Him

When life gets really difficult,

don’t jump to the conclusion

that God has forgot us

or He isn’t on the job.

Instead, rejoice that we are

in the very thick

of what Christ experienced.

This is a spiritual refining process

His glory in us is coming next.

Don’t be surprised by fiery ordeal

that has come on us to test us,

as though something strange
were happening to us.

The trial of our faith is more
precious then gold!

Sure it would be great to have a
pickup bed loaded with gold

But heavy obstacles

And obstructing tensions

are more valuable

It’s often through weird challenges

that God’s plan is made clear to us

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