He feels us

For we do not have a High Priest

Who is unable to understand

and sympathize

and have a shared feeling

with our weaknesses

with our infirmities

and with our liability

to the assaults of tests,

but Jesus has been tested

in every respect as we are,

yet without sinning.

Let us then fearlessly

let us confidently

and let us boldly

draw near to the throne of grace

This throne of God’s unmerited favor

to us sinners

that we may receive mercy

for our failures

and find grace to help

in time for every need

for Jesus appropriate help

and well-timed help,

coming just when we need it

Hebrews 4:15-16 AMP

I’ve been trying to find out what it’s like

to experience the limitations of

imprisonments in a wheelchair

Monday I spent 60 min.

Tuesday I spent 90 min.

Today I’m going for 3 – 4 hours.

I’ve dropped Jill Stephens Midkiff

at a pain clinic for her 4th infusion

Now I’m at Bell Square tooling around

I’ve gone through all of Nordstrom’s

All of Macy’s into a variety of shops

On 4 different elevators

Into 4 restrooms

I’m soaking up the stairs

Feeling the challenges of heavy doors

from a seated position and the timing

of the auto doors.

I’ve transversed 4 skybridges and

wondered here and there stuck in

the same position seated in a chair.

I’m cheating a lot as this chair is

Electric not physical arm action

on big wheels. What a trial this is.

I’m getting touched with the feeling

Of her infirmity in a very minuscule

way. I actually can’t do a physical

wheelchair. My shoulders, neck and

back are too cobbled up for that.

I’m just bought a coffee and sliding

my debit card was a frustrating


What a awesome thing to come to

Jesus knowing He feels us totally

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