My old friend Lucy is back for a short stay.

She came into my life as a loving companion at 4 months.

I bought her from a trucker in South Carolina

She was born and raised in a big truck

Lucy and I traveled all over the U. S.

We did multiple runs to Alaska

Lucy was my faithful companion for years

We staved off the loneliness of the road together

Lucy got married in Santa Fe once

She nurtured her pups in the truck

She was a loving dedicated mother

Lucy decided to marry again in Missouri

As Lucy aged it haunted me

I traded her straight across for a 3 # teacup poodle

In Blythe, Cal. who was living in an R. V.

I had a drop in San Diego.

I was heart broken for Lucy

I picked up a load for Florida in L. A.

We rolled back to Blythe and I bought Lucy again

My sister in law labeled me a sicko for selling Lucy

I couldn’t bear the scorn and derision.

My brother told me Cheryl had cried through the night

over my cavalier dog decisions

Yes it was a stupid move

Lucy trained Crystal in trucking according to Lucy’s rules

Lucy had very high standards and expectations for road life

If anything was to be done it was to be done Lucy’s way

We got to Florida. I bumped the dock to unload.

I came back out to leave and as we drove out I was shocked

Crystal was in labor so I pulled over.

Being only 3# it was a tight squeeze.

I ended up pulling pulling these mouse sized pups out

Unfortunately Crystal was a dysfunctional mom

Lucy was in a rage over Crystals poor mothering tech

Lucy licked the pups at birth

She licked them through weening age

I ended up getting a small cage and snubbed Chrystal up

to force her to nurse her pups as Lucy looked on

In intolerance with Chrystal.

Lucy had a bone to pick with little Crystal.

I guess Crystal had tangled up

with with a small chi wow wow without getting permission

What a dog

Now we were a happy family with Lucy leading the pack

Years later I gave Lucy to Cheryl

as she wouldn’t let me forget what a dumb dumb I was

Here she’s staying in my R. V. as I’m baby sitting

Now she’s blind & deaf & crips around banging into things

She mirrors my present condition.

Oh, the most important thing is Lucy is born again

She loved to study God’s Word with me

I can’t wait to be with her in glory as shes left us now

But she’ll always, be deeply missed and affectionately loved

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