Pummeled with hail

Have we seen the treasures of hail

which God’s reserved

against the day of trouble?

Job 38:22 – 23

Our trials are great opportunities.

Although we look on them

as great obstacles.

Afflictions are a haven of rest

Adversity is an inspiration

They are a of unspeakable power

if we recognize every difficult situation

as one of God’s chosen ways of proving to us His love

And if we look around for His signals

of His glorious manifestations;

Let every cloud become a rainbow

Let every mountain

Become a path of ascension

Let every circumstance

be a scene of transfiguration.

If we will look back on the past,

many of us will find

that the very time

our Father has chosen

to do the kindest things for us,

Where He’s given us

His richest blessings,

has been the time we were strained

and shut in on every side,

God’s jewels are often

sent to us in rough packages

and by strange servants,

but within we find the very treasures

of the King’s palace

And we find the Bridegroom’s love

A. B. Simpson.

Trust Him in the dark

Honor Him

Yield with unwavering confidence

even in the midst of mysterious times

and the recompense of such faith

will be like the moulting

of the eagle’s plumes,

which was said to give them

a new lease of youth and strength

J. R. Macduff

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