He guides us by the skillfulness of His hands

Psa. 78:72

When we doubt our direction,

we surrender our choices entirely to Your Spirit

shut every door but the right one

darkness about going is light about staying

but when we notice light at the end of the cave

we sense You’re in front of us leading us forward

keep locking doors which we shouldn’t enter

guide us to the unlocked ones

we want to be face to face with You and Your liberating openings

Your timely interventions are above all we’ve dared to imagine in our greatest dreams.

You set in motion glorious participation in Your amazing love

guide us, by every circumstance

keep us trusting in Your triumphs over what appears impossible obstruction

give us through insignificant incident, that penetrating eye of faith the echoes volumes from Your voice.

show us how nothing is random

reveal to us how nothing is the results of indiscriminate chance,

but that every circumstance may be an opening up of Your leading

Bushnell noted

That If we go to God to be guided, He will guide us;

He will show us only into a way where, we can go trustfully forward,

He will show us on then progressively still farther

Thomas Curtis Clark writes:

“As moves our fragile boat across the storm-swept sea.

Great waves beat o’er her side, as north wind blows;

Deep in the darkness hid lie threat’ning rocks and shoals;

But all of these, and more, my Pilot knows.

Sometimes when dark the night, and every light gone out,

We wonder to what port our frail ship goes;

Still though the night be long, and restless all our hours,

Our distant good, we’re sure, our Pilot knows.”

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