In the face of personal storms and raging destructive forces:

Be merciful to us, O God, be merciful to us: for our soul trusts in You:

Yes, in the shadow of Your wings (Under Your perfect protection)

We will make our refuge, until these calamities be overpast.

Make all of these ugly scary storms blow over!

We feel surrounded and attacked by an all encompassing wild fire of menacing destruction.

we cry to You God. You are the most high; You are above everyone.

We rest in the reality that every Official, every Judge, every policeman and all legal powers are not in control.

But instead You are in control. You are the Most High.
You are the highest authority.

Why are You Scarring us? Why are You letting people threaten us?

Why does everything and everybody seem out of control and against us?

To You God we cry. You perform all things for us.

You’ve promised You are for us.

You’ve promised that since You are for us

You’ve promised that nothing will every be against us.

Help us relax in You and trust in You.

We are terrified and weak.

Give us Your strength.

Give us Your faith.

Give us unwavering confidence no matter how extreme our personal raging fire becomes.

Please Lord Jesus; You promised You will send from heaven,

You’ve promised you’ll save us from the reproach of him that would swallow us up.

I beg of You. Do that now.

God You’ve said You are committed to us.

You’ve guaranteed that You will send forth Your mercy and Your truth.

Based on this great promise; do this now.

We need Your help.
We need Your mercy.
We need Your truth right away.
We need You constantly.

We are easily terrified.

Depression and discouragement is swallowing us alive.

We are vulnerable.

We are weak and in intense pain emotionally, physically and mentally.

We feel beat up and exhausted.

Please release us from this anguish. Please deliver us.

Ps 57:1-3 paraphrase

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