a cyclical train wreck

Oh Lord, it happens too much.

I feel like a cyclical train wreck.

I’m in a culture that denies Your sovereignty

Everyone worships at the throne of the perpendicular pronoun, “I”.

“I” is everywhere in me!!!

help me to exemplify the greatness of You;

help me bow to You.

You have given me a life full of opportunities to serve

Please enabled me to live at full potential for Your glory.

I humble myself before “You” and acknowledge that

“I” could not breathe a breath,

‘I” couldn’t think a thought,

“I” couldn’t make a sound decisions,

“I” couldn’t press on to one iota of excellence without Your power.

You alone are the One “I” seek to please.

“Life’s a privilege!”

Make You my only intention.

Show me how to serve You and not To serve “I”.

Grant me grace and courage to give myself away to You

Let me sacrifice for others

Adapted from the prayers of a past senate Chaplin

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