Delight in God’s Word

But our delight is in God’s Word

We love God’s Word so intensely

that we want to think about every aspect of it constantly.

Psalms 1

As God’s words comes to us we drink His words in,

His voice in His word fills our heart with joy and happiness

because we belong to God.

Jer. 15:16

We Let the word of Christ dwell in us richly,

We allow His words teach us

We exhort each other with all wisdom,

We sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs,

We let God fill our hearts with grace to God.

Col. 3:16

We commit ourselves wholeheartedly to God’s Word

He speaks to us from His word daily.

Deut. 6:6

We Fix these words of God into our mind and being,

We tie them as a reminder on our hands

We let them be symbols on our forehead.

Deut. 11:18

We find all our delight in Your Word;

We do not forget Your instructions.

Psalms 119:16

We delight in Your Words because we love them.

Psa. 119:47

Your Word is our delight,

We’ll never perish from affliction because Your word is our Joy.

Psa. 119:92

We will never forget Your Word, for by Your word You have revived us.
Psa. 119:93

We will meditate on Your Word Lord

We will focus on your ways in our (behavior).

Psa. 119:15

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