Do we love Jesus

Jesus asks us all: Do You Love Me?

Jesus said do you love me more than these?”

We say: Yes, Master, you know we love You

Jesus said: Feed My lambs.

Jesus asked a second time:

Do you love Me?

Yes, Master we say, You know we love You.

Jesus said, “Shepherd My sheep.”

Jesus said it a third time:

Do you love Me?”

We easily get upset that Jesus asks us over and over,

Do you love Me?

We plead: Master,

You know everything there is to know.

You’ve got to know that I love You.

Jesus says again, Feed My sheep.

I’m telling you the very truth now:

When you were young you dressed yourself

and went wherever you wished,

Now your getting older and older.

Soon others will help us get dressed

Soon others will take us where we don’t want to go.

Getting feeble and old isn’t easy.

Aging gracefully and glorify God is our focus and what we strive to do.

Jesus says we are to Follow Him

and keep building up others in His beautiful Word

John 21:13-19 Personalized

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